6 de setembro de 2018

(ENG) R&B and Pharmaceutical Libbs start sending actual data to Anvisa SNCM

Libbs Farmacêutica carried out the first traceability event upload in Anvisa SNCM test database, achieving another important milestone in its history. Back in 2014 Libbs performed the first traceability pilot aligned with RDC 54/2013, in force at that time.

The National Drug Control System (SNCM) was created in 2009 through law 11.903 and establishes the parameters for medicine traceability in Brazil. Over the last few years the legislation has matured thanks to constant dialogue with all players and nowadays we have clear timetable and rules for everyone.

R&B is proud to support Libbs in this process from the beginning, conducting a turn-key project involving hardware and software solutions of partners besides R&B Pharma, software level 4 designed to meet the national SNCM requirements.

Know all our solutions and contact our team of specialists through the email contato@rastreabilidadebrasil.com.br.

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