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Medical supplies traceability throughout its chain.

Traceability solution developed by R&B complies with the legislation in force (LAW 11.903/2009 and PLS 276/2015) and is completely integrated with key hardware’s and software’s...

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Strictly following regulations and best pratices

A system which allows meeting legal provisions; optimal control across the supply chain.

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Track your products and manage your inventories

R&B Cosmetics system allows the customer check the origin and event history of every acquired item, preventing brand damage to manufacturers.

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Quality management within your company’s reach

Using its know-how in traceability processes, R&B developed tools to help you manage quality...

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Efficiency assurance on your reverse logistics process

Taking into consideration the ever growing concern over food quality reaching the Brazilians’ table, R&B developed a solution specific for Food and Beverages products

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Save time, resources and avoid mistakes in inventory management

R&B traceability solution allows large-sized chains or even small-sized retailers to control their inventory...

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Real-time Inventory control

Item traceability is a global trend, either by legal provision or by the perception of benefits...

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Tailored solution for your traceability demand

Based on its pioneering history and deep knowledge, R&B counts on highly skilled professionals and dedicated to traceability ready to...

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